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Best organic Cosmetic Brands in the world

When it comes to beauty and healthcare, are you sticking to an organic theme? Are you looking for the market’s finest cosmetic products? If yes, you are absolutely lucky! Some of the world’s best cosmetics are organic. They are formulated with utmost care and concern. Beauty goes beyond the way you look. It is all about how you feel and […]

How to deeply clean mascara wand

Is your mascara brush filled with clump and dried cosmetic products? Are you unable to comb through your eyelashes like before? If yes, your mascara brushes need to be cleaned. A clumpy, dirty brush can make your eyelashes clumpy and messy. That is why you should deep clean the mascara brush. It would be shameful to throw away a beautiful […]

A Quick Study of Cosmetic Preservatives

  Are you wondering if cosmetics really need preservatives? Do you know that there are many legal reasons to use natural preservatives in cosmetic products? All cosmetic companies should stick to a protocol and make products that are as natural as possible. According to the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, cosmetic products can be banned for the following reasons: […]

6 Minute Makeup for Work

Are you looking for quick and simple makeup tips for work? Work or party, finding the right makeup ideas is never easy. That is because you have so many options to choose from. Above all, work makeup ideas should be quick and straightforward. You must be able to finish the routine in less than 10 minutes. Most girls walk an […]

6 Powerful Nail Care Tips

Nail art has become a serious craze in the past few years! Now and then, you will come across hands that are booming with stunning designs and patterns. Though designs can boost the look of your nails, you must keep them clean and healthy. Tip #1 – Cleanse To begin with, you must use milky hand washes. Try to stay […]

Major Differences Between Paper Towels and Makeup Cotton Pads

A lot of people wonder if there are major differences between makeup cotton and paper towels! Well, each of these products has a unique purpose. They are manufactured for different reasons. That is why you should be aware of its differences before using or even buying them.     What are they made off? To begin with, makeup cotton pads […]

Proven Remedies For Blackheads and Large Pores

By definition, blackheads are also known as open comedones. They appear on areas with clogged dead skin cells and sebum. With time, dead skin cells and sebum gets oxidized and turns black. Just like blackheads, open pores can be annoying. Small pores can widen and become larger, permanent ones. The size of every pore depends on your genes. If you […]

Top 10 Makeup Mistakes To Avoid

Makeup is a simple way of boosting our self-confidence. It can be used to highlight our finest facial features and stop making our skin appear old. Unfortunately, wrong makeup can increase your age. Here are top 10 makeup mistakes you should avoid! Mistake #1 A lot of young girls admire the matte effect. As a result, they use lots of […]

8 Interesting Beauty Uses of Argan Oil

Argan Oil hailed from Morocco. Today, the oil is used throughout the world. Argan oil features many exciting benefits for the hair and skin. In fact, it is a remedy for bug bites and skin disorders. The oil is highly therapeutic. It is rich in vitamin A and E.. The oil is also high in linoleic acid, omega-6 fatty acids, and […]

Top 7 Uses for Apricot Oil

Apricots are amazing fruits with one-of-a-kind benefits for your skin and hair. If you are longing for radiant beauty, start consuming apricots. Basic Facts about Apricots – In general, apricots make a great delicacy. The fruit is loaded with iron and other essential nutrients for hair growth and skincare. Research believes that apricots can heal dandruff, unexpected boils, and acne. With […]

Important Health and Beauty Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Over the years, apple cider vinegar has turned into a staple ingredient in many kitchens! It is known for its scintillating health benefits. Apple cider vinegar has a variety of beauty, cooking, and household use. It can be used to improve the quality of your skin, preserve food and even wash hair! With this being said, here are few important […]

7 Reasons She Stopped Watching YouTube Beauty Gurus

Everyone wants to look pretty! Well, I do! And, we tend to rely on hundreds of beauty products for that picture perfect look. In the past few years, YouTube has turned into a platform for beauty gurus. There are thousands of videos on how to apply makeup, look good and buy the right cosmetics. Unfortunately, you must not be addicted […]

7 Important Facts About Hyperkeratosis – A Skin Condition

Hyperkeratosis is a severe skin disease that describes thick skin in some places. When compared to a healthy person, people with hyperkeratosis are bound to have thicker skin. Here are few important facts about this skin condition. Fact #1 Hyperkeratosis occurs when extra keratin is produced in the body. Excess keratin triggers skin inflammation to protect the body. In some […]

Top 5 Face Mask Brands For 2018

Regardless of whether you wish to soften, tighten or brighten your skin, there is a mask to help you! Over the past few years, several different types of face masks have reached the market. The best face masks will boost your overall appearance and meet all your requirements. With this being said, here are some of the best face mask […]

7 Jojoba oil benefits for hair, skin, and face

Jojoba oil has many exciting benefits for the face, skin, and hair. Jojoba oil is carefully extracted from an American nut. The nut is usually found in arid regions. Over the past few years, Jojoba oil became a natural wax, skin conditioner, and is used in many cosmetic products. Here are few interesting benefits of jojoba oil for your skin […]

15 Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

Undeniably, Apple Cider Vinegar has plenty of benefits. It is a trusted ingredient with so many applications. From healing high cholesterol to resolving weight gain, apple cider vinegar is a must-have in any home. #1 Overcome Acne First of all, you can use apple cider vinegar to stop hiccups. The sour taste of vinegar stops hiccups immediately. A teaspoon of […]

3 Essential Vitamins and Minerals for Hair Growth

Hair plays an integral role in the self-perception and physical appearance of a person. It can be miserable and horrible to experience serious hair loss issues. A lot of people believe that nothing can be done against hair loss. Fortunately, small lifestyle changes can improve the health and length of your hair. Major reasons behind hair loss are vitamin deficiency […]

10 Natural Ingredients in Cosmetic Products

Over the past few years, skin care products have changed drastically! Though there are commercial cosmetics with toxins, chemicals, and harmful ingredients, you have many natural options too. Natural cosmetic products have few common ingredients. These ingredients are active in generating admirable and healthy skin. With this being said, here are 10 active ingredients found in most natural cosmetic products. […]

6 Natural Remedies for Dandruff

By definition, dandruff is a skin condition that results in flaking of the scalp. This is a common problem faced by both men and women. Dandruff is caused due to various skin problems. This includes skin disorders like psoriasis, eczema, seborrheic dermatitis and fungus. Fortunately, there are many remedies to help you get rid of dandruff. The symptoms of dandruff […]

Five Important Points About Laser Acne Removal

Laser acne removal is a proven method for reducing acne scars, age spots, wrinkles and other blemishes on your skin. Precisely, laser treatments can do much more than these changes. In the long run, it will change the way your skin looks and feels. If you are planning to undergo laser acne removal, you should not be overwhelmed. There are […]

hair care techniques for black women- Video


Bridal beauty- Lasting lip makeup after many kisses

Every bride deserves to feel gorgeous in the event of her wedding. So going all out to hire makeup professionals for bridal makeup or doing the bridal makeup by self, the facial makeup contributes more than 70% of confidence to the bride about her appearance. Understandably, the lips have to do loads and loads of kissing on this day, so […]

10 hair care techniques for black women

Caring for our hair as black women are not only important, it is very beneficial. Carelessness about our hair comes with a high price that I am sure no woman would like to pay.  Here are some hair care techniques every black woman should know her hair care maintenance and routine: 1. Fingers and Wide Tooth Combs: Because of the […]

How to Highlight Your Brows

Saying that perfectly done eyebrows give an added fineness to your makeup is probably old. Highlighting the brows is quite simple compared to the raise it gives your facial makeup. Apart from the benefit that it gives by making the eyebrows look better, it is also a trick that can be used to hide away imperfection of the arch. The […]

How to make your eyebrows thicker with makeup

The importance of the eyes regarding fashion is quite much, and this gives credence to what people believe about the eye and the eyebrow when the refer to the eyes as windows to the human soul. And we think it also follows that the brows are the windows frame, adding structure and definition. We all know the awkwardness a thin […]

Valentine’s day makeup tips

For the valentine’s day, we all love the love sharing, the outing and most of all, we love to look more striking, and flirty than ever, depending of course on the way we plan for the day to go. So, here are some excellent makeup tips for your valentine’s day makeup. 1. To achieve an amazing valentine’s day glow: With […]

10 Tips to Reverse Highlight and Contouring

It seems that the trend of contouring and highlighting have found a permanent place in people’s hearts. With the right moves, you can make your face into different looks. Hence, the believe that contouring is here to stay. Unlike the contouring of those old times, one can achieve a much more natural look now. Let us quickly consider some tips […]

Tips and tricks to eyeshadow do’s and don’ts

Eyeshadow is an inevitable part of our makeup drills. It is also true that as easy as it looks to apply eyeshadow, there is a lot to getting the flawless eyeshadow look. Here are some tips and tricks to help you change the game and be more confident about your eyeshadow outcome: 1. Primer is a must: Applying eyeshadow primer […]

Smokey eye makeup tips

Smokey eye gives that sexy, flirty look that calls for attention, hence, it is dearly loved by every lady. Smokey eye could be as easy as it is to say “jack” if the right products, tools and know how are on the ground. That is why we will share some knock em dead tips to achieve the beautiful smokey eye […]

Insane tips that will help avoid concealer creasing and cakey foundation

Concealer creasing and cakey foundations are makeup outcomes that leave your face looking less than desired. These common makeup mishaps can occur as a result of formula incompatibility of some sort and may be prevented with application of some tips that will be considered here. To avoid cakey foundation, shake it: You may have noticed an instruction on your liquid […]

Everyday drugstore makeup routine

With only drugstore makeup products, you can achieve a gorgeous outcome which is both inexpensive and at the same time exceptionally beautiful. In this write-up, we will take ourselves through the step by step of drugstore makeup routine. 1.Primer Application: The first step is to work the primer into every part of the face, you should preferably use ones that […]

Makeup tips for black women

Makeup choices for the women of color are somewhat limiting, despite their gorgeous skin tones, they may be unable to live up to their beauties without some tips and products to help them with their makeup journey. 1.Avoid light makeup: For black women, light makeup may turn out looking too off. Test foundation colors for a match but if it […]

12 Things Any Makeup Addict Must Know

Being a makeup addict is not a sin, but it could be expensive, especially if your addiction makes you dash towards the stores to pick every new makeup in town. Here, we discuss the things every makeup addict must know 1. Save the mascara: Once a mascara has been opened, the lifespan is usually about 3-4 months that if it […]

The most expensive cosmetic brands

The pressure on women to enhance their looks is quite considerable. Women are quick to be judged by the way they look, especially the facial look. The need for women to enhance their looks is not always born of a personal feeling but much of what the society expects of them. Women of all ages seek to improve the way […]

Proven ways to cover dark circles under the eyes

Having dark circles under the eyes may be as a result of sleep deprivation, seasonal allergies or even an overindulgence in some activities the night before and it can happen to just any of us.  This article will discuss how we can conceal these dark circles under the eye to brighten the eyes and not necessarily making them go away. […]


Natural hair is beautiful, and it gives that Virgin look that almost every woman covets.Some of us have been dedicated to growing their natural hair right from the word go while some of us are just awakening to the idea of grooming our hair, all natural.  There are, however, some hairstyles that can cause hiccups on the journey to a […]


From the regular person that uses makeup now and then, to the makeup addict, we all make these makeup mistakes. Discussing these common mistakes will make up more conscious so that we can avoid them. Trying to make a perfect wing by stretching: Some of us tend to stretch the area around the eyes as we apply our eyeliner in […]

How To Choose The Right Makeup Foundation

We use Foundation to create a consistent and smooth facial color with a healthy look, spread out to the neck and décolleté. Easy as it is to choose to get the right makeup foundation, it is still no news that those that use the perfect foundation for them are the minority while the vast majority of users just use the […]


The reasons that make us feel the need to use a concealer are often factors out of our control. Blemishes, dark circles under the eye, and even lack of sleep can leave us looking less radiant than we could be. Since concealers are almost always needed to cover up our facial imperfections, we need to know how to apply them […]


Either you just started getting interested in wearing makeup, or you just want to brush up on your skills, this article will discuss tips that can help perfect your makeup skills. 1.Makeup Lesson: Let a professional makeup artist tutor you. Invest in a makeup lesson. Some of us think we can just sit for a makeover in a counter and […]


The need for a flawless face becomes more apparent for both women and men as we continue to get inspired by well enhanced beautiful faces in offices, on the streets of just everywhere we turn. Achieving that flawless facial look has fast become what everyone craves, hence, the need to learn some incredible makeup tips that will help in getting […]

Free Lance Quick Makeup Hacks Every Girl Must Know

5 Quick Make-Up Hacks Every Girl Must Know If you’re a lover of make-up but sometimes you find yourself not having enough time in the morning to get ready, fear not! These quick and super easy makeup tips will help your daily routine. Let’s begin! Hard Eyeliner Pencil? No Problem! If you’ve just sharpened your eyeliner pencil and it’s turned […]

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