The importance of the eyes regarding fashion is quite much, and this gives credence to what people believe about the eye and the eyebrow when the refer to the eyes as windows to the human soul. And we think it also follows that the brows are the windows frame, adding structure and definition. We all know the awkwardness a thin eyebrow can cause to our facial look, it is, therefore, safe to conclude that for a beautiful face, the brow sure makes a big difference.

Achieving thicker brows with makeup entails a couple of steps. One must first map out the brow shape by using the following steps:

Mark the starting point of the brow: To do this, a brow pencil is placed vertically against the outer side of the nose. Shading should commence where the pencil touches the eyebrow area. The whole idea is that before filling the brows, the correct brow shape must be known.

Mark the ending points of the brow: Just as you did for the where your brow starts, you must also determine where it naturally should end. To do this, you will hold the pencil at a diagonal shape from the outermost part of the nostril and to the temples. The eyebrow should end at the point the pencil extends past the eye. Shave off any hair standing out of the marked start and endpoint.

Draw a perfect arch: To achieve a perfect arch, place the brow pencil’s end vertically against the nostril. Keep the lower part of brow pencil lined up against the edge of the nostril and move the upper end to the center of the eye. You will get the natural brow arch where the brow pencil touches the brow line.

Having gotten the perfect marking towards achieving a perfect brow, here is the step-by-step to follow to get thicker and shapely brows with makeup.

First step: Clean your face thoroughly and use a good moisturizing base. This is generally the expected first thing to do. After this is done, use an eyebrow brush to comb the brows to determine the natural brow shape. At this point, you should decide on the material you want for the filling of the brows. You may use one of or a combination of brow pencil, brow gel or eyeshadow/powder. The easy part to take, of course, is the brow pencil and you can finish with the powder for a natural finish.

Second step: Start filling the brow with short and light strokes from the point parallel to the inner corner of the eye. Go with your natural brow shape as creating a different shape will look awkward. Do not fill the brows at the starting point because the brow eye is naturally sparse at that point. And it is important to ensure that your pencil color is not too dark.

Third Step: Without over-doing things, gently fill the length of your eyebrow by tracing the natural shape, thickening and intensifying a little.

Fourth step: Here, with a brow pencil, you will need to use powder as said earlier to achieve a perfect finish. In the absence of the powder, a matte eyeshadow will suffice. Fill in the brows with an angled brush and move to the last step

Last step: This step is to make a definition of the already made eyebrows. For this, use a concealer or foundation of a lighter tone to trace the brow bone at the top and the lower part and then, smoothen out the trace.

And viola! You got your perfectly thick and polished eyebrow. Wishing you more good looks!


How to make your eyebrows thicker with makeup
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How to make your eyebrows thicker with makeup
The importance of the eyes regarding fashion is quite much, and this gives credence to what people believe about the eye and the eyebrow when the refer to the eyes as windows to the human soul.
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