We use Foundation to create a consistent and smooth facial color with a healthy look, spread out to the neck and décolleté. Easy as it is to choose to get the right makeup foundation, it is still no news that those that use the perfect foundation for them are the minority while the vast majority of users just use the ones we feel are just fine for our shade. This article will vividly discuss the steps to follow in choosing the right foundation for us.

Whenever we are faced with a choice of makeup foundation, if we must make that right choice, these factors must be our determining keys:

1. Skin type: The first thing is to determine the skin type, maybe oily, dry, combination skin type or just normal. The right foundation can be chosen depending on the type of skin. The most proper makeup foundation for skin type and desired finish needs. Once skin type is determined, and one of matte, radiant, dewy or natural finish is picked, the perfect foundation can be chosen based on this combination.

2. Desired coverage: What we mean by desired coverage is the choice of the natural skin that one wishes to show through. This depends on individual preference, and with this, the right foundation for sheer, medium or full coverage may be chosen.

3. Skin tone: Basic skin tones can either be fair or medium, moderately fair, deep, medium deep or very deep. You need to determine which tone your skin falls into.

4. Undertone: Most people don’t get the right meaning of the term. Undertone is your predominant skin color apart from brown and white for the white folks and brown both deep and light for the people of color. To help our understanding, undertones are commonly pink-red, olive, yellow or neutral. You can determine your undertone from the neck and inside arms.

With the right determination of the key points listed, you will learn the right Makeup foundation formula for you. Now that is done, one should pick 3 or more colors of those that seem close to your determined skin tone. Pick them out one after another and test directly on your face before making your final choice. Ensure that you apply enough to get the right match.  And the perfect choice should be the shade that seems to disappear when you rob in.

With this knowledge, you will get the best-suited makeup foundation for your skin. Goodluck!

How To Choose The Right Makeup Foundation
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How To Choose The Right Makeup Foundation
We use Foundation to create a consistent and smooth facial color with a healthy look, spread out to the neck and décolleté.
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