8. Blush Application: For your cheeks, simply use your drugstore to sweep across the apples of your cheeks. The blush will leave a natural flush of color and then let’s move on

9 .Mascara Application: The next thing is to curl the lashes and then apply your drugstore mascara. And if you are using falsies, to achieve a natural look, cut the strip in half and apply them one-half after the other letting them overlap slightly. Then you can apply your mascara on the bottom lashes for an evening out.

10. Lip dressing: Line your lips with your drugstore liner and then go over it with lip color as desired. Depending on your choice, you can use a gloss to top it for a more natural outcome.

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Everyday drugstore makeup routine
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Everyday drugstore makeup routine
With only drugstore makeup products, you can achieve a gorgeous outcome which is both inexpensive and at the same time exceptionally beautiful. In this write-up, we will take ourselves through the step by step of drugstore makeup routine.
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